You want to stay together
even though sometimes you feel so far apart.

You’re not happy.
Your partner is not happy.
When someone asks you how you’re doing,  you say “Fine.”
But you’re not.
You are lonely, Sad. Lost. Despairing. Afraid.
Or maybe you are numb.
This is not the life you imagined.
This is not the relationship you dreamed of.

You want to feel in love,
fall in love with this person
you thought you would be with forever.
But you are feeling like strangers to each other.

There is hope for your relationship!
There is a way for the two of you
to feel safe, connected, and loved again.

With compassion, warmth, and wisdom,
I work with couples to rebuild trust, understanding,
connection, and love.

I can help you find your way back to each other.
Together, we explore the causes of your disconnection,
we identify negative patterns of communication,
and we heal emotional wounds.
You and your partner will learn
to be more emotionally accessible and responsive to each other,
creating the comfort, and intimacy you long for,
so that in times of joy and sadness, excitement and fear,
you turns towards each other,
sharing all of life’s experiences together.

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